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Thermal Vacuum Testing

E-Labs Inc. state-of-the-art thermal vacuum testing chambers provide a clean, temperature controlled, high vacuum environment for testing high-tech products in space simulated or high altitude conditions. Extreme environmental conditions are simulated during flight-like scenarios to re-create the operational environment that the product will experience in space. These conditions include alternate cycles of extreme heat and cold, pressure extremes, solar radiation levels, and the airless conditions of space.

Our thermal vacuum chambers range in size from 16 to 66 cubic feet and contain thermally controlled shrouds and thermo-radiative heat plates.

At E-Labs, Inc., we support thermal cycling and thermal bakeout vacuum testing requirements. During thermal cycling, the unit experiences repeated heating and cooling as it would when exposed to the harsh environment of space. During thermal bakeout, flight equipment is subjected to an outgassing reduction process so as to decrease the chance of molecular contamination of the spacecraft instrumentation. This is done by subjecting the equipment to elevated temperatures under vacuum which in turn speeds up the diffusion, or molecular outgassing, of volatile material and chemicals. Some products may require an ambient cure or high temperature preconditioning cure prior to bakeout.

Types of tested products include micro satellites, optical instruments, solar panels, reflectors, electronic devices, and other space flight hardware found in space shuttles, satellites and spacecraft.

Thermal vacuum testing is useful for the development of space flight hardware, development of external fuel tank insulation, screening composite materials exposed to heat, and forecasting the performance of various materials at high altitudes and in deep-space environments. It is also suitable for radiation damage testing. Thermal vacuum testing not only helps in determining product flight-worthiness but also helps detect flaws in workmanship.

E-Labs, Inc. vacuum testing services will examine the reliability of your product, validate its overall design and quality of workmanship, and provide evidence of having undertaken NASA or other regulatory organization testing requirements.

Thermal Testing Chambers

E-Labs Thermal Vacuum chambers range in size from 16 to 66 cubic feet, with hot and cold platens and shrouds.


Vacuum levels

Vacuum levels can be achieved to meet most test conditions of the Aerospace industry.


Test Support

We offer around the clock support for our thermal vacuum customers to meet there needs of functional testing of test items at all times of the day.



E-Labs has over 20 years experience in thermal vacuum test programs for component level to fully assembled satellites. We offer bake out of components to full functionally of units under test.




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