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Munitions Testing

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For a recent episode of the NatGeo series, "Time Shifters," Owner Ken Malley demonstrates techniques used at E-Labs to test for safety


E-Labs has an extensive background in the development and testing of Less Than Lethal (LTL) devices. We were the first to develop a measuring system to capture blunt force or impulse of a round in real time. The Ballistic Impulse Measuring System (BIMS) developed by E-Labs was used on USMC programs to evaluate LTL rounds and compare impulses on a one to one basis.


We have a full service quality assurance testing facility and can set up ammunition evaluation and testing protocols for most measurements required on a test range. We are also able to gather relevant data using state-of-the-art technology. Some of our tests include:


  • Velocity measurement.
  • Trajectory verification.
  • Distance Verification.
  • OC spray performance characterization.
  • Fragmentation mapping - For fragmentation mapping, a paper and foamboard fragmentation arena is set up with fixturing and witness panels. Witness mapping is done by measuring the surrounding boundary of lightweight witness material that registers the impact of fragments generated by a less than lethal noise flash diversionary device. The number of fragment impacts greater than a specific measurement are counted, and segregated by perforation through the foamboard or paper.
  • High speed camera to 8,000 frames per second.
  • Light output phototropic.
  • Light plume size.
  • Sound output - Industrial and military standards exist for evaluating the measured impulse noise of a weapon or less than lethal noise flash diversionary device. Parameters have been established to evaluate the need of hearing protection from impulse, transient sound waves. These shock pressure waves are measured using piezo-electric pressure transducers and the reading is converted into decibel sound measurements.
  • Fire susceptibility.
  • 12 gauge and 40 mm projectile characterization.
  • Flash bang and diversionary characterization.


We use a custom high-speed data acquisition system to control several of our tests. The system consists of 16 channels of analog to digital recording capable of sampling rates of 100,000 points per second. The data acquisition system uses a UNIX based operating system with custom test and analysis software. It is capable of remotely controlling all tests, from initiation to camera sequencing, and recording of light and pressure detector signals.





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